With global sales of semiconductor manufacturing equipment expected to reach us $67.6 billion in 2019, China will be at the top of the list

- Jul 10, 2018-

SEMI semiconductor industry association (international) released in the annual SEMICON West exhibition year forecast, forecast report pointed out that in 2018 global sales of semiconductor manufacturing equipment is expected to increase by 10.8% to $62.7 billion, more than last year hit a record high of $56.6 billion.The equipment market is expected to hit another record in 2019, growing 7.7 per cent to $67.6bn.

SEMI predicts that China's equipment sales will grow 46.6 percent to $17.3 billion by 2019.China, South Korea and Taiwan are expected to remain the top three markets by 2019, with China topping the list.South Korea is expected to become the second-largest market at $16.3 billion, while Taiwan is expected to sell $12.3 billion in equipment.