Integrated circuit classification

- Sep 13, 2017-

Integrated circuits can be divided into integrated circuits for television, integrated circuits for audio, integrated circuits for video-cassette players, integrated circuits for VCR, computer (microcomputers), integrated circuits for electronic organs, integrated circuits for communications, integrated circuits for cameras, remote-controlled integrated circuits, language integrated circuits, IC for alarm and various ASIC.

1. Integrated circuits for television include line, field scan integrated circuit, medium-release integrated circuit, audio integrated circuit, color decoder integrated circuit, AV/TV conversion integrated circuit, switching power supply integrated circuit, remote integrated circuit, Li-tone decoding integrated circuit, picture processing IC, microprocessor (CPU) integrated circuit, Memory IC, etc.

2. Audio IC includes FM high frequency circuit, stereo decoding circuit, audio preamplifier, audio amplification IC, Audio power amplification IC, surround sound processing integrated circuit, level drive integrated circuit, electronic volume control IC, delay reverberation integrated circuit, electronic switch integrated circuit, etc.

3. The DVD Player uses integrated circuits such as system-controlled integrated circuits, video-coded integrated circuits, MPEG decoder integrated circuits, audio signal processing integrated circuits, acoustics integrated circuits, RF signal processing ICS, Digital signal processing ICS, servo integrated circuits, motor-driven integrated circuits, etc.

4. Integrated circuits for VCR are system-controlled integrated circuits, servo integrated circuits, drive ICS, audio processing ICS, video processing ICS.