IC Product knowledge

- Jul 17, 2018-

In general, our concept of IC rests on whether it is a chip or an integrated circuit, or something small and varied in appearance.What on earth is it?How did it come about?Why does it look so different?We may not know much about IC. The following is a brief description of IC's production process and its structural development history, hoping to give you a preliminary understanding of IC in general.

Related concepts and classifications of electronic components

1, the concept of

Electronic components: they are divided into semiconductor devices and electronic components, which are the basis of the development of the electronic industry.

IC (integrated circuit) is a semiconductor device in electronic components.

Microelectronics technology, the core technology of a country refers to the microelectronics technology, and microelectronics technology refers to the electromagnetic signals can handle more tiny technology, micro electric is different from the so-called high voltage (e.g., light) and low (such as telephone lines).Microelectronics technology is the representative of IC technology, the main product is IC.

2, the classified

There are two types of electronic components: semiconductor devices and electronic components

Semiconductor devices include: semiconductor discrete devices, semiconductor integrated circuits, special function semiconductor devices, other devices.

Electronic components including: resistance, capacitance and inductance/coil, potentiometer, transformers, relays, sensors, crystal, switch, battery/power, the connectors/connectors and other electronic components.