History of IC Development in China

- Sep 13, 2017-

China's IC industry was born in the 60 's, has undergone three stages of development:

1965-1978: The computer and military support as the goal, to develop logic circuit as the main product, the initial establishment of integrated circuit industrial base and related equipment, equipment, materials, supporting conditions

1978-1990: The main introduction of second-hand equipment in the United States, improve the level of integrated circuit equipment, in the "treatment of chaos" at the same time, the consumer machine as a supporting focus, better to solve the localization of color TV integrated circuit

1990-2000: With 908 projects, 909 projects as the focus, with CAD as a breakthrough, to do a good job in science and technology research and development base for the construction of the north, for the information industry services, IC industry has made a new development.